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 10 Convincing Reasons To Buy A PSP

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PostSubject: 10 Convincing Reasons To Buy A PSP   Sun 08 Jul 2007, 9:08 am

10 Convincing Reasons To Buy A PSP

Author: Barry Allen

In a world where technology is fast paced, the PSP brings many delights to its users. A handheld gaming console, the Sony Play station Portable takes you miles ahead as far as being tech savvy is concerned.

It is a complete system which allows you to store pictures, watch movies and videos, play games, and browse the net. It is designed stylishly and has a 4.3 inch wide screen with a resolution of 480 x 272. With built in speakers and the option to use headphones, the PSP has satisfied not just those between 15-25 years of age but older people too. It is breathtaking.

1. You can sync music and create a personal choice movie library to be enjoyed on the PSP. Of course, you will need syncing and encoding tools like PSPWare or iPSP.

2. You will be able to read text files on the PSP in case you get stuck in a game. Text documents need to be converted to JPEG images.

3. Comics and magazines are just a click away. Many comic books and magazines are PSP optimized.

4. A PSP is video friendly and many outlets are now stocking PSP formatted videos.

5. Music unlimited is what a PSP offers. It is your own personal carry around juke box.

6. Games are what it is designed for and you can play multi-player games via the Internet. By using a global gaming network, games can be played with owners of Xbox, play station 2, game cube, and others. It takes gaming to a whole new level.

7. Listen to wireless reports. And use the PSP as a wireless scanner.
8. If you are an avid gamer the PSP is a hand held device that will make your dreams come true. The buttons are well placed and sized such that small or large fingers can play with ease.

9. Responsive controls and excellent graphics bring the games alive and the number of games that can be played is amazing.

10. A potable and holistic multimedia device, the PSP has a memory stick duo card that facilitates storage of music, photos, video files, and a port for downloading multi-media files.

The ultimate gamer the PSP has a 333MHz processor, a 32 MB installed RAM, and a 4 MB cache. The UMDs discs that store the games have a 1.8GB storage capacity. The battery gives about five hours of game play at the brightest screen setting. The PSP never goes out of date as you can connect wireless to the internet and select network update. The PSP will scan the entire World Wide Web and apply the latest patches.

The PSP weighs just 280 grams and can be carried around in any pocket or purse. However it needs a protective case and great care. If its excitement and innovation that you like, the PSP is a great choice. Built for gaming, it goes miles ahead offering complete multimedia excitement.
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10 Convincing Reasons To Buy A PSP
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