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 Hardware inside Sony Playstation 3 Reviewed and Explained

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PostSubject: Hardware inside Sony Playstation 3 Reviewed and Explained   Sun 08 Jul 2007, 9:21 am

Author: Aaron Brooks

The Sony PS3 is creating headlines in the techie world. And, watchers all over the world are reviewing the much awaited product.

The Sony PS3 is creating headlines in the techie world. And, watchers all over the world are reviewing the much awaited product. It is all set to storm the gaming world The CNET Editor has awarded the PS3 8.8 out of 10 with 9/10 for design; 9/10 for features; and 8/10 for performance.

There are two versions of the PS3 and the 20GB version retails for USD 500 while the 60GB version for USD 600. According to gaming gurus it is too early to say what the PS3 will achieve, the sane advice is to wait a year before passing any judgments.

The hardware is state-of-art and impressive. The PS3 has:

A cell processor that is very advanced and is all set to support GenX computer entertainment. And instead of using off the shelf Pc components the PS3s 3.2 GHz Cell processor was built from scratch just for the PS3. A joint effort between IBM, Sony, and Toshiba the processor has a core with seven synergistic processing units. The power extended by the cell will provide spectacular realism to the games and realistic effects.

Dolby sound of 5.1 ch with DTS and LPCM.

Giga-bit Ethernet with a pre-installed hard disk drive. This will enable downloading of content from the World Wide Web and play online with competitors all over the world.

Output and input ports support displays from NTSC, PAL, and HD relays.

A noise level matches that of PS2 and is incredible.

A cell processor that can play from a blue ray disc at bit rate of 48Mbps.

Controllers that are high precision, with sensitive six-axis motion, and technologically perfect sensing. The controllers are wireless and as many as seven controllers can be connected to the PS3 via the blue tooth. What more the controllers have a range of 65 feet. The controllers can be recharged easily by connecting the USB cable. The player can continue to play while the controller recharges. The L2 and R2 buttons are larger giving greater game control. The increase in tilt of the analog joy sticks allow for greater control and wider range of motion. The most welcome feature is the six axis motion.

An interface that is user friendly and aesthetic. However, certain features are hidden below several levels.

A digital media hub with a blu-ray player. The 60GB PS3 can read digital photos from USB devices, digital cameras, CDS and more. The system has an impressive internal media reader, photo and album viewer, and the Wii. The hub supports an astounding variety of music files including MP3s. ATRAC, AAC, and WAV. What more the PS3 will play Blu-ray disc with high definition and clarity.

As far as first reviews go the PS3 is all set to be the greatest gaming and media entertainment console. It will take home entertainment to the next level of excitement and challenges.

Brought to you by Nish

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Hardware inside Sony Playstation 3 Reviewed and Explained
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