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 Linux - Ubuntu

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PostSubject: Linux - Ubuntu   Wed 01 Aug 2007, 3:34 am

Anybody dissatisfied with both Mac and PC (for instance, prefer PC's interface but prefer Mac's security) should seriously consider downloading or getting a CD copy of Ubuntu. It's built on the Unix OS and is a distribution of Linux.

With both a Windows-like taskbar at the bottom and a Mac-like consistent toolbar up the top, the open source OS is simply brilliant. Due to the Open Source philosophy, every program is free, and there's a program for everything - in fact Ubuntu comes with an instant messenger that interacts with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu and a whole bunch of other IM's that I've never heard of Razz

A lot of the programs are built on Mozilla code, (obviously it comes with Firefox) , and the best part is - everything is editable. Because Ubuntu is built on the Open Source philosophy, you can alter the code of every program, or learn from it.
And I haven't even begun to discover what this OS can do Very Happy

The 700mb download is free (CD copies are available - I myself still have the .iso so anyone in Wantirna College can borrow a copy if they want), just make sure you don't install it on top of Windows Razz
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Linux - Ubuntu
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