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 Keep Your Gadgets Away From School

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PostSubject: Keep Your Gadgets Away From School   Sun 21 Oct 2007, 9:40 am

Do you own a digital camera? How about an iPod? Or that really slim and very cool mobile phone? If you do, then you may want to keep them at home rather than bring them with you when you are going to school. You see, statistics are quite alarming for schools. Many of these high technology gadgets that are brought to school are getting lost right out of the purses of the owner.

So as to alleviate this problem, school officials are asking and reminding students to leave these electronic gadgets at home rather than bring them to school. However, the statistics are continuing to rise despite such reminders. Back last year, the police have been able to note 23 thefts of iPods, iPod Shuffle and the whole list of iPod Shuffle accessories and iPod models at the very least and these are only those that have been reported. That would be just for the iPods and there are yet other electronic devices that have been the target of wrong doers.

Of course, everything would not be such a grand deal if these electronic gadgets were quite easy on the pocket. Maybe if they could cost you a dollar to $10, it would be quite okay. But if you do your own research, you would know that these popular gadgets can be quite heavy on the price tag and could burn a hole straight right through your pocket. The iPod Shuffle could cost you $79 while the model from the same range which has got the largest amount of memory could make you shell out $349 at just one go.

One of the ways of actually asking students to refrain from bringing their electronic devices to school would be through announcements given out by the school head or principal. However, some of the schools are now starting to prohibit their students from bringing their gadgets to school. If they do choose to bring them to school despite reminders, it would be up to the owners to take real good care of the devices. Alex Ayers, the principal of Sage Valley Junior High, explains, "If a student has 'em, that's fine. We just don't want them to be distracting to the learning process." He also did add that in their school, students who get caught using their electronic gadgets would have to experience going through the day without them. If not, the students should then opt to turn off the gadgets or else a teacher would be coming and confiscating it until the parent of the owner picks it up personally.

Such rules are also being used in different schools. However, it still does not deter the number of thefts and incidents from piling up. Of course, it would be safe to say for school officials that a public school would be too large for all officials to keep track of what is going on.

Some of the students who do own these gadgets have their own personal reasons though why they still need to bring such items to school. One student says that he does need his iPod to accompany him through his long bus ride to and from school. After all, he does say, that his bus driver favors country music and that is a kind of music that he does not quite appreciate. Another student also did say that she needs her mobile phone so that she can call up her parents when school is already out. She does this so they can pick her up and bring her home.
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Keep Your Gadgets Away From School
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