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 Ram Terms(by Ciro)

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PostSubject: Ram Terms(by Ciro)   Sun 17 Jun 2007, 4:55 am

Arrow Ok for anybody who is confused about the numbers that appear after ram eg. 3,3,3,8 they are the amount of cycles it takes for your ram to complete a instruction. But im not going to say that the lower the better because different combinations can acheive different speeds. But usually you will hear that lower is better.
They represent CAS lateracy, RAS to CAS delay, RAS percentage and Tras which is the compleate cycle time.
In 1gb kits the best setup is 2,2,2,5 but in 2gb kits you can only get to 2,3,2,5. To find out what your's is download a handy little program called cpu-z.

By Michael Yeates. afro
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Ram Terms(by Ciro)
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