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 N64 Emulators

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PostSubject: N64 Emulators   Fri 22 Jun 2007, 11:09 am

We all love N64 games and these days you don't actually need the Nintendo 64 console to play them. N64 games have become popular once again beacuse they are now freely available on the internet.

Many, if not all games can be found on the net and be downloaded as medium sized files such as .rom (there are many other types that work). These files can be played by freely distributed programs called emulators. Emulators are programs that you install that can launch game files and allow you to play the games. All you have to do to start a game, is to click -file- then -open- then select the game you want and click -ok-.

Emulators are made for a lot of consoles (mainly old) but there is no gurantee they will work or if you will be able to get games for them easily.

With N64 emulators pc gaming becomes intresting because N64 games are still so fun and addictive. There is a good chance you will want to play those old N64 games again and relive childhood memories. The draw backs with emulators are some times gameplay, sound, controls and graphics have flaws in them. But fortunately most of the games work properly and the graphics are good too! Well better than flash games and other older console games.

Controlling is fine but it is not as good as a standard Nintendo controller. Games are controlled via keyboard and even multiplayer is possible with different keys located on the keyboard. Keys can be allocated in the emulator program to suit your controlling preferences. One cool bonus with some emulators is that they can automaticly detect any cheats on the game that is running. If cheats are available they can be enabled through the menu interface of the emulator progarm.

Emulators are an inexpensive way to play console games and are must haves for any classic game fan. Below are some sites where you can download game roms and emulators to run them. If you would like to suggest some sites please do.




Exclamation Enjoy the world of emulators!

By Nish Nayar

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N64 Emulators
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