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 I.tech Virtual Keyboard

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PostSubject: I.tech Virtual Keyboard   Fri 22 Jun 2007, 11:59 am

Itech Virtual Keyboard

No words can properly describe quite how cool this i.Tech Virtual Keyboard is. Bluetooth enabled, it uses infrared to project a clear and crisp keyboard onto your desktop, and then transfers your keystrokes by wireless networking to your PDA, Pocket PC or smart phone. It sounds too futuristic to be true. But it's very much for real, and it's awesome.

This 22nd Century gadget is very compact, it sits wirelessly on any flat surface, and projects a red standard keyboard on any flat, clean surface. Using detection technology it "watches" your fingers hit the key locations it has projected, and then sends the keystrokes through to your PDA, smart phone or pocket PC via Bluetooth.

The projected keyboard is highly visible even in strong light (though it does of course look really cool in the dark). It's highly portable as well, though it will make you look like an idiot in public places, as you will look like you're typing on nothing more than the table you sit it on, surely you will be interrupted sometimes by someone coming over and wanting to know where they can get one.

Its great for people who like unique things and also great for travelers who need portability.

This is the coolest and most portable keyboard I have seen yet .

Infrared Projector Keyboard - projects a keyboard template onto any flat opaque surface.
Runs off mains or battery (2 hour run time per charge).
Works with laptops, PC, Windows Mobile, Palm OS5 and Smart phones Bluetooth enabled.
Main unit has sound effects control, intensity of projector keyboard, time out settings (to conserve battery life), key sensitivity.
Size: 9 x 3.5 x 2.5cm

PC Windows 2000 or Windows XP required for installation of drivers onto PDA or other handheld device.
Keyboard drivers for PDA or other handheld device or smart phone will be transferred from your PC.
Detection Rate - Up to 400 characters per minute.
Detection Algorithm - Multiple keystroke support.
Effective Keystroke - Approximately 2mm.
Battery Capacity - 120 minutes continuous typing.
Contents (things that come with it):
Infrared keyboard projector a
Carry case for projector
Mains adaptor
2 x mini-format CD-Rom's for driver installation
Instruction manual/quick start guide.

Image hosted by servimg.com

Brought to you by Nish

Inspect A Gadget
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I.tech Virtual Keyboard
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